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Fresh Anointing International Church
Andre Prude
150 East Fleming Road
Montgomery AL 36105

Architect: Stansell & Associates Architects
Consultant: Mainstage Theatrical Supply, Inc (Design/Build)

Details: Mainstage assisted this congregation in moving from an undersized multipurpose facility to a much larger facility by working with the owner in setting a budget, designing a lighting and control system for future expansion and properly lighting the facility for televised services. Mainstage also worked with the worship ministry to develop the desired ambiance for the platform area, where a custom Cyclorama curtain and four custom fabric columns were added. ETC products were chosen for the majority of the lighting system, which includes: 2 Sensor Racks, 1 Unison DR Rack, 1 SmartSwitch, 1 ETC Expression 400 Control Console, a number of ETCNet3 nodes, ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals, ETC Source Four ParNels and a large Unison Architectural Control System. Also installed: Altman Zip Strips, Wybron ForeRunner Color Scrollers, and a custom-designed Ethernet-based control distribution system.   Finally, a custom, full-color glass pattern from Apollo was added to display the church logo.


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