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On September 30, 2015, Cecelia celebrated with friends, co-workers and industry vendors before taking her toys and leaving work for the last time. We knew it was coming, so we dolled up the place a bit and brought in some food. We were able to photograph some memorable moments and hear some truly fun stories, which will not be repeated here - or in some cases, ever. We promise! There was music. There was dancing. There was singing. But most of all – and this is what was important - there was Cecelia, smiling and laughing and ready for her brand new MainStage-free life. Not work free, because she rarely sits idle. Always fun, however!

We’ve published a few pictures here for your enjoyment. Read an article written by Cecelia at the request of Mainstage here. You might be somewhat surprised by what you learn about Cecelia and the legacy of Stage Lighting South.

Appreciation shout out to: Rosco Laboratories, Rich Anders & Mega Systems, Van Rommel & Pathway, Doug Bennett & AMA Lighting, Gary Henley & ETC for helping make this day that much better!
A HUGE shout out to the Memphis MainStage employees who have worked tirelessly on the office remodel, or held down the fort amidst chaos, to be ready for this event. That was far above and beyond any job description. Thank you!

 Cecelia early in the day Cecelia and Ashely  
 Getting the Mini out of it's box Road Trip Ready
 Cecelia and Dean Sternke Geoff Wyer/Office Manager, wife Jessie, son Patrick, Ashely/Seamstress
 Cecelia gets to know her Mini  SLS Legacy gobo from Rosco
 Wanted, Good Woman (Retired)
 Doug Bennet/AMA & Gary Henley/ETC
 Cecelia and Ashely Cecelia and Ashely
 Getting a jig on ...
 Serenading Cecelia Cutting the rug (or Rosco dance floor)
 Geoff/Office Manager, Josh/Sales, Jeff Mathis lurks in the corner Rich Anders of Mega Systems
 Check out the floor .. Stage Lighting South's 1st employee, Steve
 Doug Bennet/AMA & Jeff Mathis Cecelia and Ashely
 Cecelia and Ashely Cecelia and Ashely