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Sculpt or Coat
Product Name: Sculpt or Coat Product Number: 777501xx 

Sculpt or Coat is ideal for scenery, costumes, props, puppets, sculpture, arts & crafts.

Foam Coating - Sculpt or Coat creates a protective tough coating that stops breakage, keeps pieces from drying out and prevents solvent based paints & spray paints from eating away foam.
Tough Coating - Use on polystyrene scenery, props, glass and ceramics or foam rubber puppets, masks, costume and make-up pieces. (Great for walkables, sitables, displays, exhibits and touring pieces.)
Texturing - Sculpt or Coat can be used to create a wide variety of textures : raised, adobe, tree bark, negative effects, etc .
Adhesive - Sculpt or Coat is more durable then hot melt or vinyl glues. Adheres to woods, fabrics, ceramics, masonry, papers, foams, metals, glass, non-slick plastics and oil free organics.
Weave filler to construct trees, armor, puppets, masks, special ogee archways, compound curved scenic elements and large organic settings. Create simulated fabric textures like leather, vinyl, reptile skin and tree bark.
Binds mulch, glitter, gravel, sands, cedar chips, etc. to texture scenery and costumes. Adhesive quality binds it to practically anything: wood, metal, plexiglass, glass, paper, foam, urethane cement, plaster, plastic, P.V.C., etc.
A glaze for walls or plexiglass, Sculpt or Coat has been used to simulate polished marble, metal, cracked or frosted glass.

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Quart $29.55
Gallon $57.99
2-Gallon $109.77
5-Gallon $259.38

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