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Plastic Varnish
Product Name: Plastic Varnish Product Number: 77760xxx 

Plastic Varnish - Flat or Gloss

This vinyl copolymer sealer/binder/extender may be used like a clear acrylic on stage floors, scenery, exhibits, costumes, masks, properties and crafts. Plastic Varnish was designed to be extended with water for large area coverage. In some clearcoating applications on nonporous surfaces, one gallon might cover up to 1200 sq ft. Dries clear unless colorant is added. Wet edges blend easily with no bubbles or overlapping milky streaks.

Exceptional Binder: Bronzing powders, dry pigments, water base latex, casein, acrylic piants and small grain textures can be bound to numerous surfaces such as plastics, filons, wood, fabrics, etc.
Beautiful Glazes are created for faux marble, tortoise conceits, malachite fantasies, trompe loeil techniques, antiquing, poryphry (any igneous rock with crystals embedded in a finer groundmass of mineralsand patinas with depth.
Accepts Colorants and Mixes Easily with Artists Choice Saturated Paints, acrylics, or latex paints, some bronzing powders, micas, temperas, dyes or other water soluble elements.
Seals & Clearcoats all types of porous and non-porous surfaces: painted, plastered, textured, wood, fabric, foam, concrete, etc.
Great Spray Applications & as a Dip for plastic coating costume decorations, jewelry, craft pieces, puppetheads and other small items.

Sizes and Pricing:
Quart  $19.98
Gallon $41.54
5 Gallon $187.76

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