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LED Flicker Candles & Accessories
Product Name: LED Flicker Candles & Accessories Product Number:  

Powered by 9v battery (additional equipment required for kits) or DC source (optional), safe and easy to use. Candle sticks have on/off switch. Kit includes flame tip, 12" wire leads, circuit board w/2 leads. Dimmable. Incandescent.

#3450 Candle Kit (flame unit, wire leads)   $  39.20
#3470 Candle stick 5"                                    50.00
#3472 Candle Stick 12"                                 54.90
#3480 AC Adapter 1 candle                          11.80
#3481 AC Adapter up to 6 candles                36.30
#5580 Wireless Adapter                               289.10
(to dim via SHoW DMX or WDS)

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